Monday, October 20, 2014

Revived CROP Walk a Fine Success

The Walk proceeds across Ashland Street and down Main Street in North Adams.

On Sunday, Oct. 19, the first Northern Berkshire CROP Walk was held since 2009. It was a great success. It was lots  of fun and I hear that $2,700 was donated the day of the walk and another $300 is likely on its way. I'd say that more than 50 people walked. 

(The NBIAI raised $215 for the walk — thanks to those who donated!)

Spirits were high and fellowship great as we gathered together beforehand in the hall at First Congregational Church, where the Berkshire Food Project offers lunch to those in need.

The Rev. Ann Killam has led the revival of the walk. Internationally, CSW, Church World Service uses funds from the Crop walks to support hunger-fighting development efforts around the world. One-third of the money of each walk stays locally. This year the local recipients are Hoosac Harvest and the Growing Healthy Gardens Program.

Ann Killam rallied the people inside, with her dynamic and inspiring leadership style.

The CROP walkers start out from the church.

Above and below, walking down Main Street.

Up American Legion Drive

Ann Killam, center, walks down Ashland Street.

Proceeding down Ashland Street.

Pastor Dave Anderson of First Baptist North Adams, left, provided water and apples along the route.

The Rev. Mark Longhurst, center at carriage, brought along his child. He is past of First Congregational Church in Williamstown.

The walkers cut through the MCLA campus at Bond Street and headed north on Church Street.

After the walk returned to First Congregational, a good number of them continued on to the second half of the North Adams walking loop, going as far west as Brown Street and coming back toward downtown on West Main Street.

It's great having this inspiring interfaith event back in North Adams!

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  1. It is so exciting to help out Hoosac Harvest and Growing Healthy Gardens with some of the funds raised! May these funds blossom and spread like out of control oregano!