Sunday, November 2, 2014

2,000 lbs. of Food Donated in One Day

Saturday, Nov. 2, was a great day for the Friendship Center Food Pantry. We received more than 2,000 lbs. of donated food.

First, the Berkshire Community Action Council (BCAC) conducted its second annual Harvest Haul to gather donations for those in need. They again this year set up at the North Adams WalMart. A little after 1 p.m., a van rolled up to the back door of the Friendship Center and our friend Aleta Moncecchi of BCAC and two helpers gave us 216 lbs. of donated groceries.

Here's Aleta at the BCAC van. Below, the items we received, 216 lbs. in all.

Later in the day, Rich Davis, our food service coordinator, and Kathy Keeser of Hoosac Harvest, and other volunteers brought in a giant haul from gleaning at Ioka Valley Farm in Hancock. Rich Reports that we received 1,407 lbs. 0f squash and 410 lbs. of small cooking pumpkins. Wow!

All these donations are greatly appreciated, as this October 2014 was the busiest month we've had since opening in February 2011. In fact, the last Wednesday of that month we served 203 households. More on this in an upcoming blog post.

More help from our friends, who are friends of our friends -- if you know what I mean -- is coming in November with an art exhibition at St. John's Church in Williamstown, where 25 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Friendship Center Food Pantry. Additionally, Project 351 and the Abbot School in Florida are again organizing a food drive for us and the Oh, Be Thankful Apple Pie Contest at the American Legion in North Adams.

The art exhibition will open on Friday, Nov. 14, and the Apple Pie Contest will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 25. There will be much more on the blog and on Facebook on both of these events before they occur.

Two thousand pounds of food donated in one day! Wow!

God bless you all,