Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Catching Up on News & Looking Forward

As the poster indicates, our Friday, Dec. 16, public meeting will focus on the outcome of the 2016 elections, particularly at the national level.

At our first Board of Directors meeting after the election, our Co-Director and Board Vice President read a reflection that said in part: 

“This is not the first time out country has been divided. ...Faith at its core is not about ignoring the state of the world around you or the challenges that lie ahead. Rather it's found in the perseverance in working to make what seems impossible, possible. And always, as scripture reminds us, our faith is judged by our treatment of those who society sees as the least of these. So, we all have work to do.”

As the poster indicates, the meeting will start at 10 a.m. at the Eagle Street Room of the Friendship Center at the First Baptist Church North Adams. All are welcome.

I am working to gain some information in advance of this meeting. Here are two interesting resources gathered so far: Loving your enemies during a Trump administration.  And a guide for fighting hate in your community. 

Our Volunteer Dinner on Dec. 4. 

Thanks to our new Volunteer Coordinator, Sheila Bounds, about 30 of us had a great Friendship Center Food Pantry volunteer dinner on Sunday, Dec. 4, at the 96 House in Williamstown.

Strange as it seems, that's only about two-thirds of our number of volunteers at any one time. Several of our most dedicated volunteers did not attend this event. We are, of course, an all volunteer

We had a great time with a great dinner. Thanks particularly to Sheila for organizing it!

                   Al Nelson at right with Susan and Bob Dubriel.

  Tracy Finnegan, Fran Berasi and Dan Bird.

Several but not all of us, lined up at the bar to get drinks.

Al Nelson in his rightful place at the head of the table!

A presence at the Holiday Walk

 Thanks to Anna Singleton, we receive an invitation to participate in the Williamstown Holiday Walk, specifically the non-profit fair in the Lasell Gym. Mark Rondeau and Dan Bird (pictured in the second photo) manned a table between BFAIR and the Williamstown Youth Center. It was quite an event and we raised $70 in donations and gave out some literature.


You can see how many people attended from this photo taken from the upper level jogging track. The second photo gives you a good view of Dan and of our table.


Some other recent highlights


Chip Joffe-Halpern, executive director of Berksire AHEC, former executive director of Ecu-Healthcare and Karen Baumbach, current director of Ecu-Healthcare, were the presenters at our October public interfaith meeting. They shared plenty of good information about the local healthcare scene. We did not have a public meeting in November.


 In November, all the departments of the City of North Adams again did a food drive for us, raising more than 900 lbs. That's Mayor Dick Alcombright on the left helping bring the food in. At right, is Rich Davis, Friendship Center Food Distribution Coordinator.


 Fran Berasi was again our judge at the Project 350 Oh, Be Thankful Apple Pie Contest at the North Adams American Legion. This event and efforts by the Gabriel Abbott School in Florida have benefited us and other non-profits the past several years. No more specifics to report at this time about this event.


 We have a prayer box at the Eagle Street Room each week, and we regularly pray as a group and as individuals for our food pantry friends - and others for that matter. Today I walked in to discover that someone had made us a new prayer box, right behind our sign. The old, original, reddish orange box can be seen behind it.


Thats all for now. God Bless,

 Mark Rondeau