Sunday, August 30, 2015

Photos from Friendship Center Food Pantry Annual Picnic

On Thursday, August 27, the Friendship Center Food Pantry held its second annual potluck picnic for volunteers at Joan and Stan Owczarski's house. Thanks to Fran Berasi and Morgan Kierstead for these excellent photos of the event.

Kevin Tyree, super volunteer and always ready for a good time. A true friend and joy to be around.

Maryam Kamagar of Goodwill and her son and the back of Al Nelson, among others.

Al Nelson does not want his photo taken.
Some of our past and present Florida Mountain contingent. Sheila Bounds, Marilyn Brown and Sharon May, who now lives in North Adams.
Another couple of group shots.
Some more of our folks from Florida Mountain.
Catherine and Bob Dubriel get something to eat.
Our host Stan did the cooking.
A few more nice group shots.
Thanks again to Stan and Joan, as well as Fran and Morgan for the photos. There will be lots more news and blog posts coming in the next few weeks, As we have a busy fall ahead on many fronts. Once we get through these dog days!
God Bless,